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Flake Floor Coatings – How, Why and What?

I’m Sean Scott, Managing Director of Vuba Building Products Limited. Welcome to my weekly blog post!

Our homes are an incredibly important part of our lives.

We raise our families in them, invite our friends over for gossip sessions and parties, give homes to our furry friends – the list goes on!

A home portrays who we are, from our very own character, down to our beliefs and passions. It is a space where we create memories, build relationships and constantly redesign ourselves; the décor we choose is a huge part of the space we share with so many others.

Trevi Fountain - PVA B 11 + Met B 8

Adding decor to your floor is much more than just a whatever. Throughout history we can easily see the importance of decor throughout our homelives:

Ancient India saw a rise of an elaborate style; ‘Rangoli’, whereby an array of colourful sands are mixed with rice and flower petals and strewn across the floor, leaving a beautiful multicoloured dappling effect on the flooring beneath.

Ancient Greece paved the way with intricate Mosaics, creating resplendent features across the floors of the wealthy and ruling class.

Lime Clay Island - PVA B 8 + Met B 8

No matter where in the world we may find ourselves, we are constantly surrounded by different designs and themes, and more often than not, our floors have been an integral part of our creations.

Renowned English author Mary Haweis once wrote:
‘One of my strongest convictions, and one of the first canons of good taste, is that our houses, like the fish’s shell and the bird’s nest, ought to represent our individual taste and habits.’

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Plaza de Toros - PVA B 7 + Met B 6

At Vuba, we recognise the potential in floors everywhere. By teaming up with the best local designers we have completely shaken up the world of Floor Flaking Systems.

Our new blends are designed to inspire; whether you are using our Standard PVA Flake Blends to add a subtle edge to your workspace, or our Metallic Blends to give your home a beautifully unique shimmer.

If you have a Monochrome interior, simply give our Supernova blend a whirl (see below). More of a Nordic interior fan? Then try our Dundee blend to add a subtle sparkle to lift your room to the next level.

Elizabeth Castle Correct - PVA B 4 + Met B 2

All you need to do is decide on the level of coverage you require. If you’re stuck with your options and can’t find the best flake blend for your current colour scheme, don’t hesitate to contact our in-house designers for help to create a blend to match your individual desires.

Aspen Colorado - PVA B 1 + Met B 8